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Today I recall the beauty of one simple word: COMPASSION. Twelve years ago today I was a young Architecture student at Howard University in D.C. I was a witness to a day we will never forget. The sky was the most beautiful shade of blue and the air was crisp and warm – not a cloud in sight. I remember walking from the East Towers to campus passing Georgia Ave. shortly after the devastating news came from New York. Around the time the Pentagon was hit the streets filled with cars momentarily abandoned. People standing with their doors open and exclamations of fear & pain could be heard. In the days after on the radio I recall hearing words from those whose loss was greater than I. Every single one of them said the same thing. We DO NOT want anyone to ever endure the pain and loss like we have. Retaliation & war is NOT the answer. These words gave me a sense of peace amidst the madness and I smiled. For a brief moment in time we were all woven together tightly. Whether in tears, love, loss and most importantly compassion.


I give special thanks today to the first responders whose health was stolen from them during their bravest hours.


How fun is this? First of all you know that polaroids are discontinued. [if you didn’t know now you do] Sooo…when you come across it there is only 1 thing to do – take pictures. As I was snapping away I mentioned that it would help our society as we demand everything instantaneously. Bring back the polaroid and the mystery and fascination of waiting [patiently] for the polaroid to develop before your eyes!

A collection of my favorite things from Fashion Week, NY. If you know me you love me and most likely tease me for ensuing random photo shoots. [They all gripe during a few clicks of the camera – and thank me later once they view the images…you know who you are and I love every single angle of you!]

K.Smith devout Stylist and anti-socialite.

Minty rockin a CHA head adornment.

Attending the Laquan Smith show.

Goodsouldiers presented Virgin Spirit with 80’s Madonna photographs by Richard Corman, live performances and a fashion show.

Interiors have the ability to transform people’s energy. Notice how they affixed photographs of materials to create a early 1900’s train brimmed with artwork. Plush!

The final year of Fashion Week at Bryant Park.

Kudos – notice this brand of water at the tents. This is how we need to have all of our products packaged. No more water bottles!

Interview wallpaper – genius.