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Durango Loves New York showcased on Sunday in the Meat Packing District featuring the emerging style engineers of NYC photographed by Ashley Sky Walker. All featured different designs of Durango boots.

Stylist Kareem James rocked a Cha Wooden Crown in his picture.


Howard University Architecture’s Elite: Winston Holder of B.Gold & myself, Chandra of Cha Studio. Infamous Architects turned Fashion Designers.

As a LA girl I remember buying my first pair of Durango’s. I was 14 and bought them at the Beverly Center with my own money ; ) I had my own jewelry biz which allowed me some freedom and power of paying for what I wanted. Aside from getting a heel replacement from the notorious ‘Ponytail’ on U Street in D.C. they maintained their brilliance – people are never shy to compliment me on my boots + dress style I cultivated as a teenager in LA.






The power of eleven has been declared. Now add that with the last moment(in our lifetime at least) that you have one’s (or eleven’s for that matter) across the board. Infinite possibilities! Although, I would grant those same limitless mantras for any given day of the week, regardless of numerical significance. That being said I was drawn to the 11 day that is November 11th, 2011. I was hoping to have Cha Studio’s fall PoP shop ignite today. There are always delays and substitutions in the game of life and I too remind myself of going with the flow. So in the very near future, don’t want to jinx it…we will have it up and running again. Look out for the teasers! Besos, Cha

The included pictures are taken during a recent shoot with photographer Emm Jennings @ New Yorks Highline, courtesy of Ashley Sky Walker who made a special appearance for some background shots and support! Thanks to a fab bunch! Spotted was the one and only star stylist, Kareem James… ; )

To think that two years ago I started my bloggy…many people have said that they want to start something. What are you waiting for? The hardest thing in life is just to start. This is a testament to that mentality of one day at a time and soon enough those days turn into months and you have amassed a plethora of entries. Just like that.


Be a dreamer.

Go for the glory!

True Peace, love and music,


Below is an ode to the spirit of the last 2 years…


A collection of my favorite things from Fashion Week, NY. If you know me you love me and most likely tease me for ensuing random photo shoots. [They all gripe during a few clicks of the camera – and thank me later once they view the images…you know who you are and I love every single angle of you!]

K.Smith devout Stylist and anti-socialite.

Minty rockin a CHA head adornment.

Attending the Laquan Smith show.

Goodsouldiers presented Virgin Spirit with 80’s Madonna photographs by Richard Corman, live performances and a fashion show.

Interiors have the ability to transform people’s energy. Notice how they affixed photographs of materials to create a early 1900’s train brimmed with artwork. Plush!

The final year of Fashion Week at Bryant Park.

Kudos – notice this brand of water at the tents. This is how we need to have all of our products packaged. No more water bottles!

Interview wallpaper – genius.

Bizzazz NYC, Presents Dress FRESH: Showcasing New Designers for Fashion Week, here are some snapshots of the night.

Here I am with the Hairstylist who ROCKED it while putting a CHA adornment in the models hair.

The end result!

Make-Up Artist, Sumintra Heeralal, doing what she does so elegantly.

Kareem James, Stylist Extraordinaire, rocking a CHA piece and a Laurelux chain vest.

My dear friend Gabriel Urist came by to support!


During the event one of my vintage feather pieces was rocked by a gentleman, and it is quite simply scrumptious! I love how it complimented his flowing gorge locks.

Okay, so that just might be me peeking through the crowd, while adorning the models with my designs.

This is an intimate look onto the racks of clothing present for the event. The designers were hot!

A quick snap of the venue.

Sly Art vs Robot City designers and I were looking at our pieces and what would go best for the live photo shoot. Currently they make men’s garments – low and behold this beautiful top [that the model is wearing] which I fell for the moment I saw it draped seductively on her and I would mos def rock myself.  I placed my black adornment in her hair and there goes the story! You can check out their designs at: