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My trip to DC was fantastic, here is the appetizer. Aidah celebrated the 1 year anniversary of her line, Aidah Collection, with a fashion show at L2 in Georgetown featuring Cha Studio Hats and Hair accessories!

Congrats all around for a successful event raising awareness and funds for Interstages which provides opportunities for early adolescents in low-income neighborhoods to discover talents, develop and strengthen skills, and heighten self-awareness, setting the stage for a successful transition into young adulthood.

You Can Help!
For more information on donating or volunteering with Interstages, call 202-824-0740 or info@interstages.org

hats collage

This picture I took as Aidah and I prepared for the event doing our last minute final preparations at her studio, I took this shot as I was pairing the hats with her outfits for the fashion show. Thanks to Jodi for the extra help!

[More pictures and details from the event to come!]

Style Noir

Cha by Chandra

The irony of my love for hats is that I have a head so large, it sometimes– when my appetite is under control– shares a circumference with my waist. This unfortunate fact has made me a huge fan of the cocktail hat– that nice, dramatic finishing flourish for a knockout ensemble. That sartorial equivalent of a piece of terminal punctuation at the end of a well-crafted, multi-clausal sentence. That old-school, diminutive topper which requires very little cranial real estate and therefore fits heads of all sizes, including colossal.

These gorgeous, sculptural hats from Cha by Chandra are right on the money. They playfully hint at the designer’s architectural training (acquired at Howard) and are vintage-inspired without being terribly familiar, modern without affectation.

Obrigada Sadie! Check her out at