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Sheila E rocked it so elegantly. [She IS a Beautiful One!]

A non-stop celebration with the genius that is Prince. Picture just after the second encore when he calls Spike Lee, Cornell West, Naomi Campbell, Alicia Keys and Jamie Fox to name a few on stage to dance. Spike was appointed head tambourine player and walked the stage for the rest of the set in full duty mode. Cornell West dropped it low while Naomi flung her hair back and forth as she swayed to the beat. Que Classico!

How fun is this? First of all you know that polaroids are discontinued. [if you didn’t know now you do] Sooo…when you come across it there is only 1 thing to do – take pictures. As I was snapping away I mentioned that it would help our society as we demand everything instantaneously. Bring back the polaroid and the mystery and fascination of waiting [patiently] for the polaroid to develop before your eyes!