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Naomi Campbell is a legend. The glamorous, talented, Supermodel with a tinge of spice has just launched her own show, The Face on Oxygen. During one of the first episodes whilst the fabulous Patrick Demarchelier photographed the teams of Coco Rocha, Karolina Kurkova and Naomi Campbell’s competed in their first photoshoot. We at Cha Studio love fashion, geez, our owner is a Model so we know the biz. So extatic that one of our pieces, the only headpiece of the whole shoot made the cut. Adorned on Margaux representing Team Coco is our Lamiaceae headband, she also wore a Phillip Lim outfit and we just heart her! Check out some of the awesome stills from the show.

Cha Studio

Cha Studio

Cha Studio

Cha Studio on The Faceimage_2  Cha Studio on The Faceimage_7


A few of these were taken as the models lined up backstage right before they ROCK the Cha Hats! PR@Partners did the fab hair and all the while using Phyto Hair Products.






Above is a picture of myself and Co-Founder Michael Dumlao in the Press Room before the Fashion Show began.


Pamela Sorensen of Pamela’s Punch interviewed me on the red carpet.

interior event shot

stage view

More to come!

— Chandra Anderson of Cha Studio. An architect by training, Anderson applies architectural techniques into the hats she designs. Though Anderson’s entreprenurial streak began to emerge at age 13 when she started her own jewelry business, her commitment to the fashion world came from being in the Right Place (New York City) at the Right Time (Fashion Week) with a product that people wanted. Anderson jokingly refers to herself as the “stimulus package” Michigan needs. Depending on her prices I might have her make a hat for my mother for her birthday.

Posted by James David Dickson (The Detroit News)

Style Noir

Cha by Chandra

The irony of my love for hats is that I have a head so large, it sometimes– when my appetite is under control– shares a circumference with my waist. This unfortunate fact has made me a huge fan of the cocktail hat– that nice, dramatic finishing flourish for a knockout ensemble. That sartorial equivalent of a piece of terminal punctuation at the end of a well-crafted, multi-clausal sentence. That old-school, diminutive topper which requires very little cranial real estate and therefore fits heads of all sizes, including colossal.

These gorgeous, sculptural hats from Cha by Chandra are right on the money. They playfully hint at the designer’s architectural training (acquired at Howard) and are vintage-inspired without being terribly familiar, modern without affectation.

Obrigada Sadie! Check her out at