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Our Magenta Feathered Crown photographed on the Highline in NYC. Featuring model Ashley Haas. #fbf


This is a beautiful idea inside and out from Architects of Air’s Process:

Currently in Los Angeles with sold out shows here is an exert from The Music Center.


Step into this interactive walk-in sculpture and immerse yourself in a luminous world of light, color and sound. As the opening event of The Music Center’s World City season, Exxopolis embraces the city’s many diverse communities and traditions through performances of Random Acts of World Culture. While exploring a dazzling maze of winding paths and soaring domes, encounter performances including a Brazilian berimbau, Japanese shakuhachi, Middle Eastern oud and many more.

Sheila E rocked it so elegantly. [She IS a Beautiful One!]

A non-stop celebration with the genius that is Prince. Picture just after the second encore when he calls Spike Lee, Cornell West, Naomi Campbell, Alicia Keys and Jamie Fox to name a few on stage to dance. Spike was appointed head tambourine player and walked the stage for the rest of the set in full duty mode. Cornell West dropped it low while Naomi flung her hair back and forth as she swayed to the beat. Que Classico!