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A Halloween re-cap! I made our costumes this year for a Halloween Party & it was a huge hit. I present the Prince & Princess of Zamunda:







Today I recall the beauty of one simple word: COMPASSION. Twelve years ago today I was a young Architecture student at Howard University in D.C. I was a witness to a day we will never forget. The sky was the most beautiful shade of blue and the air was crisp and warm – not a cloud in sight. I remember walking from the East Towers to campus passing Georgia Ave. shortly after the devastating news came from New York. Around the time the Pentagon was hit the streets filled with cars momentarily abandoned. People standing with their doors open and exclamations of fear & pain could be heard. In the days after on the radio I recall hearing words from those whose loss was greater than I. Every single one of them said the same thing. We DO NOT want anyone to ever endure the pain and loss like we have. Retaliation & war is NOT the answer. These words gave me a sense of peace amidst the madness and I smiled. For a brief moment in time we were all woven together tightly. Whether in tears, love, loss and most importantly compassion.


I give special thanks today to the first responders whose health was stolen from them during their bravest hours.

This is a beautiful idea inside and out from Architects of Air’s Process:

Currently in Los Angeles with sold out shows here is an exert from The Music Center.


Step into this interactive walk-in sculpture and immerse yourself in a luminous world of light, color and sound. As the opening event of The Music Center’s World City season, Exxopolis embraces the city’s many diverse communities and traditions through performances of Random Acts of World Culture. While exploring a dazzling maze of winding paths and soaring domes, encounter performances including a Brazilian berimbau, Japanese shakuhachi, Middle Eastern oud and many more.

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Photo Coutesy of Lynne Sladky / Associated Press from the LA Times

We at Cha Studio believe Lebron James SHOULD have rocked this ‘Lily of the Alley’ turband by us! Made with sustainable bamboo fabric. The woven soft texture is divine in lily white[matching his Heat Jersey] and the loveliest aspect of bamboo are the antibacterial properties. Perfect for a game, or two or how about 7? As in Game 7, Lebron plans to return to his superstitious ways and rock the infamous headband.  Say the word, Lebron…we got you!

Naomi Campbell is a legend. The glamorous, talented, Supermodel with a tinge of spice has just launched her own show, The Face on Oxygen. During one of the first episodes whilst the fabulous Patrick Demarchelier photographed the teams of Coco Rocha, Karolina Kurkova and Naomi Campbell’s competed in their first photoshoot. We at Cha Studio love fashion, geez, our owner is a Model so we know the biz. So extatic that one of our pieces, the only headpiece of the whole shoot made the cut. Adorned on Margaux representing Team Coco is our Lamiaceae headband, she also wore a Phillip Lim outfit and we just heart her! Check out some of the awesome stills from the show.

Cha Studio

Cha Studio

Cha Studio

Cha Studio on The Faceimage_2  Cha Studio on The Faceimage_7



The rumors are TRUE! We are in a numerical pickle – or just the last time in our perceived lifetime that we will experience a calendar date such as today. Some remark that it is ‘just a number’ just like age, right? Well, our ancestors say otherwise.

Twelve has contained immense symbolic meaning from the 12 cosmos, 12 lunar years in the Chinese lunar calendar, 12 names of the Sun in Sanskrit [mantras], 12 Gods of Egypt, 12 is used 189 times in the Bible, 12 signs, or constellations, of the zodiac, Buddhists recognize 12 causes of existence [Nidanas], 12 months in a year. .  .