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Happy Birthday Michael Jackson! To celebrate, other than blasting his music & dancing the night away…I give you M.J. in hats! [For the dancing portion scroll down to view a video of compiled classic dance footage, enjoy!]

& one can’t forget a ‘lil pep in your step.


Momentary delight while walking & exploring with my love. “Inspire & Be Inspired. Realize & Create & Beautify.” – Nosego

Tuuuuppaaccc, we found you! Thats some true Westside love while walking.

Right after this picture was taken strutted over a little Yorkie with a mission. Territory Claimed was an instant success with a chartreuse pool at the base of the hydrant in mere seconds. The details that had first caught my eye, the inlaid silver circles reflecting the sky were lustrous no longer.


Great to come across the artist Nosego. I remember going to his show shortly after relocating to the area and own a few of his works, would love a huge wall piece! The quote reads: “Inspire & Be Inspired. Realize & Create & Beautify.”


I enjoyed the perspective on the expanded faces the chandelier added a little whimsy.


A la Dia de los Muertos…