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The power of eleven has been declared. Now add that with the last moment(in our lifetime at least) that you have one’s (or eleven’s for that matter) across the board. Infinite possibilities! Although, I would grant those same limitless mantras for any given day of the week, regardless of numerical significance. That being said I was drawn to the 11 day that is November 11th, 2011. I was hoping to have Cha Studio’s fall PoP shop ignite today. There are always delays and substitutions in the game of life and I too remind myself of going with the flow. So in the very near future, don’t want to jinx it…we will have it up and running again. Look out for the teasers! Besos, Cha

The included pictures are taken during a recent shoot with photographer Emm Jennings @ New Yorks Highline, courtesy of Ashley Sky Walker who made a special appearance for some background shots and support! Thanks to a fab bunch! Spotted was the one and only star stylist, Kareem James… ; )



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