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Ahhh, the end of my birthday week. I’m a bit exhausted and yes, for all the right reasons. From flying across the U.S. to spend time with loving family and dear old friends to going out and not being adjusted to the West Coast time zone – yes 3 hours is really that crucial. While grilling out at my house in LA I took a moment and looked around realizing that the shortest friendship I had there was from 7th grade. Wow. To that and many more I am ever grateful. This birthday my toast is for my parents. I’m finally mature enough to realize all that they have accomplished and sacrificed in order for me to be who I am today. I guess not watching t.v. and the no junk food policy has its rewards! ; ) I kid. I love that their love for travel took me all over the world and at such a tender age. There is actually so much to say that this platform [a blog] does not suffice my desire of thanks towards them – so I’ll write it in a letter! sheeeeeshh! All my love, Cha

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