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— Chandra Anderson of Cha Studio. An architect by training, Anderson applies architectural techniques into the hats she designs. Though Anderson’s entreprenurial streak began to emerge at age 13 when she started her own jewelry business, her commitment to the fashion world came from being in the Right Place (New York City) at the Right Time (Fashion Week) with a product that people wanted. Anderson jokingly refers to herself as the “stimulus package” Michigan needs. Depending on her prices I might have her make a hat for my mother for her birthday.

Posted by James David Dickson (The Detroit News)


Run Cha Run

Run Cha Run

I came across this at my local running store when I purchased a new pair of running shoes to begin my training for a 5k. Focus and above all -JUMP!

” Sometimes you just have to take the leap and build your wings on the way down.”

–  Kobi Yamada

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I came across this picture randomly and will now be on the search for this Institute of Black Culture Mobile Museum. I am intrigued by the notion of mobility, from artists to musicians to great thinkers… the endless sense of freedom that intertwines us all. In essence I create mobile sculptural art pieces. That is what I do. In commemoration of honoring your heritage, whatever it may be. To creating a union of generations and great souls past. one.

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[an interior shot]